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IT Professional Services

IT Professional Services

Cyzerg IT professional services offer Logistics businesses a wide range of solutions ranging from IT managed services, IT projects, networking, server services & IT monitoring. By utilizing our specialized teams, logistics organizations keep operating costs low. Cyzerg’s 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC) allow companies to be proactive & boost service availability.

Cloud Data Center

Cloud & Data Center

From cloud migrations to cloud management to data center design and data center management Cyzerg’s cloud and data center services help logistics organizations run more efficient and ensure reliability. From conception to implementation and management, we help your business evolve throughout technology lifecycles.

System Integration Software Development

System Integration & Software

Cyzerg’s software development services help logistics organizations automate and streamline business processes, boost efficiency and increase visibility. From system integration to software and web development, we can securely accelerate the digitalization of your business.

Communication Collaboration

Communication & Collaboration

Always-on communications and real-time collaboration are essential to transportation and logistics organizations. With a specialized team of communication engineers we can help with anything from VoIP implementation & support, to email management, migrations, and unified communications.

Backup Cyber Security

Backup & Cyber Security

Backup and cyber security services provide logistics businesses with a comprehensive and cost-effective approach to protect data and systems. From backup strategies & backup management to disaster recovery, business continuity and security management we help companies minimize cyber risks.

Procurement Leasing

Procurement & Leasing

Cyzerg’s procurement & leasing services is a simple and convenient way for logistics companies to procure equipment and software at the best price. Our network of leasing partners provide competitive lease terms to increase your purchasing power and meet your unique budget needs.