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Logistics Technology Warehouse Technology

Warehouse Technology

Cyzerg’s warehouse technology is a portfolio of cutting edge solutions for the warehouse powered by a network of more than 17 logistics technology partners. From parcel & pallet dimensioning systems to wireless warehouse systems, warehouse mobile solutions, and more we can help your company automate processes, decrease errors, and increase productivity.  

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Cyzerg’s cloud computing portfolio is focused on helping logistics companies take a more strategic approach to technology, reduce costs, and increase services levels. We partner with leading cloud providers to bring cloud solutions including cloud email, cloud servers & desktops, cloud phones and more. Click on learn more to discover how the cloud can help your business.

Communication Collaboration

Collaboration & Communication

The collaboration & communication portfolio is focused on keeping employees engaged regardless of their location or devices at hand. It includes solutions like secured company messenger, video conferencing, online meetings, enterprise social networks & more. With always-on communication & real-time collaboration, business productivity can reach new levels.

Backup Disaster Recovery

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Cyzerg’s backup & disaster recovery portfolio tap into comprehensive data & system solutions to protect data and guarantee business continuity. From simple local backup solutions to server clusters, cloud backup and DR sites we can meet the most demanding business requirements. We bring logistics technology solutions that keep IT online and cargo on-time.

Virtualization Technology

Virtualization Technology

Virtualization technology allows your business to maximize hardware utilization, reduce infrastructure complexity and electricity consumption. With virtual desktops, virtual servers & application virtualization you can reduce hardware expenses by running the business from virtual and centralized environments. Click on learn more to discover how virtualization can help your business.